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I compiled the following list with most of the links I saved on my delicious account (I'm not that great at rec-ing,mkay),but I'm seriously considering thinning out this list to leave the fics I really like.
I've been debating how to organize it, should I go by pairing,rating,AU,genre? I eventually settled for sorting by pairing,listing the fics by rating [even though I disagree with some of the ratings they put,like some M fics that aren't M at all *judging you*...or maybe I'm just unfazed? Oh well,I'm still c/p what's in the fic headers -when it's stated *sob*] and alphabetically.

How come the majority of the fics I like are set in a school/college AU and/or are NC-17 OTL

* = set in canon (sort of)
= favorites, for reasons unbeknownst even to me (they may or may not be NC17 *cough*)
= extra like
! = lolz
 = horror
striked = deleted story or journal -but still hoping to find alternate links)

asdfghjkl the html is driving me insane

Baekyeol  |  BaeKai  |  Chansoo  |  ChanKai  |  Chanhun  |  Kaisoo
LuKai  |  SeKai  |  Krisyeol  |  Chenris  |  Kray  |  Krishan
Taoris  |  Layhan  |  Hunhan  |  SuKai  |  SuLay  |  XiuChen
Xiuhan  |  OT3s  |  misc  |  series

  • Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Beautiful goodbye
author: luster_stardust
summary: Chanyeol decides to leave Japan to attend college in Korea. What he doesn't know is that he will meet a person that will completely change his life.

Candy hearts
spin-off: Chocolate covered hearts (NC-17)
spin-off: Sprinkled hearts (Taoris)
author: PurplePluto
summary: If only I could tell you my heart like these candy hearts.

author: xiaoeri (exopelliarmus)
summary: Baekhyun easily came to the conclusion that his boyfriend was, in fact, a complete idiot.

Section B through C
author: onlysparrows (dial_alexandria)
summary: "They keep you here for your personality and customer service," their part-time coworker Kyungsoo once told him. "Though I have no idea why, because all you ever seem to do is creep everyone out and knock shit over." Chanyeol is pretty sure Kyungsoo just finds him adorable.

Someday dream [AFF link]
Baekhyun didn't have a date. So he hired one.
side fic: 
Hello, dream (Kaisoo)

A former "most love only lasts for a while"
author: feixing (disco_rodeo)
summary: in which Chanyeol smiles too much, Baekhyun is a little bit of a cynic but they fall together anyway.

Absolute Chanyeol (LOCKED)
author: leadernim
summary: Chanyeol isn’t the perfect robot but that’s okay with Baekhyun because he is anything but the perfect human. Loosely inspired by "Absolute Boyfriend" by Watase Yuu.
side pairings: Taoris, one sided!TaoBaek
prequel/side fic: Be Human (Taoris)

author: kiwi_ism
summary: Baekhyun starves himself in order to obtain an unobtainable sense of beauty and Chanyeol is there to pull him back down to earth
WARNING: eating disorder

I'm yours
sequel: Hey Soul Sister
author: leadernim
summary: Chanyeol is weird. Baekhyun is disinterested. Jongin is the thing of the devil. Kris is a creature from an evil dimension.

Make a day feel like a minute
author: maayacola
summary: Chanyeol doesn’t want to ‘get to know’ the guy who comes to every show dressed in a bright gold jacket and carrying a glittery sign with Chanyeol’s name on it. Except, well, he kind of does. (It is a bitchin’ jacket.)

Not so cliché after all
author: jessiki (sonyeoncheonji)
summary: Baekhyun loves movies, but he loves Chanyeol more. And as cliché as that sounds, it's not so cliché after all.

Of fanfictions and Park Chanyeol
author: fuckris
summary: Chanyeol loves Baekhyun but he’s too shy to admit it. His hopes for Baekhyun turns into fanfics (or idolfics, in this matter, because Chanyeol wrote them) and everyone is getting slightly annoyed.

The smiling man (GEN)
author: nosleep
summary: ...I spent four years like that, walking alone at night, and never once had a reason to feel afraid. I always used to joke with my roommate that even the drug dealers in the city were polite. But all of that changed in just a few minutes of one evening...

On a boat
author: uchoten (happiestgiraffe)
summary: A newly uncloseted Baekhyun is a little more than overwhelmed to find himself on a gay cruise. They say miracles are supposed to happen on that boat; but the only miracle in his mind would be finding a way off it.
side pairings: Hunhan,Taoris

Tripping into you
author: (sonyeoncheonji)
summary: AU based off of Hedley’s trip – It’s the angst filled life of a rock star. Behind all the sex, drugs, and rock and roll, Baekhyun’s so into Chanyeol.
side pairings:LuSeKai,TaoChen,Kray

Gold against your neck (PWP)  * 
author: feixing (disco_rodeo)
summary: in which Chanyeol ties a streamer around Baekhyun's neck and things happen.

Good fuck charm  (PWP)
author: hyperlydian
summary: It's more than just a snapback.

Infrared (PWP)
author: saitheisonfire
summary: Baekhyun buys an infrared light bulb

Urges and elevator rides
author: uf0ambush
Chanyeol is an office worker who's very straight and very attracted to the intern who he bumps into in the elevator. Chanyeol ends up falling in love with Baekhyun but the latter ends up running away for two years.

Why like this
author: hyperlydian (runandgun)
summary: In which Baekhyun is a classical pianist with social anxiety problems and Chanyeol has no major.

  • Baekhyun/Kai
Thirty-second, thirty-third, thirty-fourth...
author: key_17
summary: Baekhyun wants to dance


Drippin' Swagu
sequel: Fresh to death (NC-17)
author: iphisto
summary: Sk8r boiz AU, and not the Avril Lavigne song.

Shadow games   
author: Littleshininstar
summary: When he was a kid, Jongin was afraid of his own shadow, but he knows better now.

author: guixians (stilljane)
summary: He makes a silent vow then and there to be the last assistant Jongin ever hires.
side pairings:
 BaekHun, SeKai

Stained with ink   * 
author: saitheisonfire
summary: We have to try to make the Jongin in his satanic war paint not as scary as it seems

  • Chanyeol/D.O
Let's wrap you around my finger
A tad bit silly, about Kyungsoo and Chanyeol going on a date. Throw in Jongin, Sehun and Baekhyun doing all they can to make sure their Kyungsoo gets a boyfriend.
side fic: 
You keep me up and down (SeKai,Hunhan, PG-13)

Wild rock bands I have known
sequel: I just wanna rock (you all night long)
author: nerveless (necahual)
summary: Kyungsoo is working at a music store with a tyrannical boss and possibly (probably) insane co-workers when a boy and his band decide to break the monotony of his day.
WARNING: mention of drug use

Skinny Love
author: technoids
summary: A social commentary on a budding relationship.
side pairings: SuKai, HunHan, Taoris

The difference between a bad boy and a thug
author: everymine
summary: Kyungsoo refuses to accept that he is in an abusive relationship with 'bad boy' Jongin until a self proclaimed 'thug' named Park Chanyeol comes along. Epiphanies are had.
WARNING: abuse

  • Chanyeol/Kai
author: zitaos
summary: In which Chanyeol has big feet and Jongin has a big problem with that.

Tease on stage
author: x_calliope_x
summary: Kai's being a tease of major proportions, even though they're still on stage, Chanyeol's getting slowly more flustered and frustrated.

  • Chanyeol/Sehun
When love is
author: paripassi
summary: Chanyeol is infatuated with a girl he doesn’t even know.

Merry Xmas (so says your text)
author: oyasumihachi
summary: Chanyeol deals with four out of the five stages of grief.


author: hopeandmemory (sonyeoncheonji)
summary: Sometimes Sehun isn't as much of a brat as he pretends to be.

Angel's feather
author: sireanne
summary: He gets a really strange feeling when he catches a sight of a white feather sitting on the ground in front of his house.

Dressed up to undress   (MEMBERS LOCKED)
author: fanxing (foudroyantfear)
summary: With Chanyeol comes the problem of Liking Park Chanyeol, and Sehun has found himself aching to solve that Problem for the last ten months.

This is where he fell {drabble}
author: mianhaes
summary: Sehun can't get over Luhan, and Chanyeol's love will always be unrequited.

True love is for bad Hollywood romances
author: rubyls (jeosul)
summary: They're bros who maybe take each other up the ass sometimes, and maybe Sehun has a tiny bit of a crush on Chanyeol, but no one needs details. They're bros.

Take it from the top
author: hyperlydian & maayacola
summary: Sehun wakes up and realizes he's made a mistake. Sehun wakes up and realizes he's made a mistake. Sehun wakes up and realizes he's made a mistake. Sehun wakes up and realizes he's made a mistake. (Sehun wakes up and-- oh.)

Blow my mind
author: julyfix
summary: He does it to get Sehun's attention, initially.

Chasing mice

author: mingyugongzhu
summary: "Cat and Mouse" - a contrived action involving constant pursuit, near captures, and repeated escapes

Endlessly high and deep

author: zitaos
summary: In which Chanyeol and Sehun want more than just glittering lights and bright, flashing cameras. (model!AU)

My heart caves in when I look at you
author: zeropercent (zixius)
summary: When you fall in love with someone, you fall in love with the parts of them that no one else gets to see.

  • Kai/D.O
Paper cranes
author: PaperCrane
summary: ...He does this because he’s nervous. He does this because its habit. He does this because he’s afraid to think.
side pairing: Baekyeol

author: kimkaisoo
Oh God that smile. Jongin could just melt at the radiating smile. It was perfect, no it was beyond perfect and no words could perfectly describe just how perfect Kyungsoo’s smile was.

author: dreamingisbliss
summary: How Kim Jongin met Do Kyungsoo

Color me with love
author: adorableprince
summary: Whoever said that love was made of rainbows and sunshine must have been full of shit because the only colors Kyungsoo sees now are black, white, and red. Black for despair. White for emptiness. Red for pain.

Don't forget me
author: adorableprince
summary: He was ten when it first started happening.

Hello,dream [AFF link]
No matter how many times his friends pushed him, Kyungsoo still wouldn't go out and date.
side fic: 
Someday dream (Baekyeol)

Iridescent (say that you'll love me only)

author: nighttimefalls
summary: “Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss… But every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.” --Wendelin Van Draanen  (Flipped!au... sort of)

Is it alright for me to believe?
summary: In which Kyungsoo thinks he's ugly, post-it notes are stuffed in his locker and Jongin saves the day.

author: ForeverFlippingA
summary: Where Jongin thrives on practicality and avoids anything even slightly irrational and senior Kyungsoo (infamously known as the “Walking Jinx”) is the very definition of irrational.
WARNINGS (highlight): bullism, character death

Messes we don't mind
author: thisismylastlie
summary: Jongin and Kyungsoo do mindless things together, such as dancing in the darkness, singing at the top of their lungs, and falling in love. 

My heart on your sleeve
author: thisismylastlie
summary: So that Jongin never forgets just how much Kyungsoo loves him, he leaves him bits and pieces of them to hang on to until Kyungsoo comes back home.

My muse
author: adorableprince
 Jongin sits in front of a half finished painting, eyebrows furrowed and brush clutched tightly in one hand. The brush strokes on the canvas are harsh and erratic and it perfectly reflects the feeling of discontent bubbling underneath his skin. The colors are off. The shapes are unsymmetrical. And everything is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Summer boys
author: seulpeo (galaxyabandoned)
summary: During summer vacation, Kyungsoo decides to get a summer part-time job delivering milk in his apartment, and meets the newspaper delivery boy.

Sweet tooth
Kyungsoo sells sweets, but nothing compares to the boy who stops by every afternoon with tanned skin and pretty lips.

The Infinite Jongin Theory
author: littleprincecap
summary: The Infinite Monkey Theory states that if you set an infinite number of monkeys to typewriters for an infinite amount of time, eventually one of them will produce the complete works of Shakespeare. So theoretically, Jongin and Kyungsoo are destined to meet.

Even geniuses fall in the hands of love
author: iMehhED
summary: It’s been more than two hours. Why aren’t you back? I need to tell you something.
minor pairing: Baekyeol

Finest thing in history
author: seulpeo (galaxyabandoned)
summary: Between struggling in university and working shifts at the restaurant, Jongin is fighting to bring his life together after his parents disown him. Meeting Do Kyungsoo, however, changes everything.

Like a Disney movie
author: kiwi_ism
summary: Kyungsoo falls sick and loses his voice one day at work so Baekhyun and Luhan play a practical joke on him that ends with more benefits than consequences.

Project partners
author: su-horny
summary: Kyungsoo is an open gay who gets bullied in school for his sexuality. Jongin is the perfect guy for any girl. When the two get paired up to be project partners, will Jongin have enough humanity to protect Kyungsoo from his pain or watch as Kyungsoo gets broken down little by little?
WARNING (highlight): character death

Separation anxiety

author: ohsehoon
summary: Kyungsoo's migraines return when his best friend leaves him.

Spaghetti flavored lips
author: baekie
summary: In which Kai was hungry and ate Kyungsoo’s lips.

The area of our hearts
author: thisismylastline
summary: Truth is, Jongin understands math completely. It's just that the teacher's son is always there in the morning, too.

Anterograde tomorrow
author: changdictator
summary: Kyungsoo is stuck in the hours while Jongin begs the seconds, because time stops for someone who can't remember and runs from someone who can't miss the last train home.

Feeling this is like to fall awake  
author: airbag (bulgogied)
summary: Jongin's new house is much too big for him.

So we meet again (and other cliched phrases)
author: hotarumyst (ourhandsfroze)
summary: This is not a romance, by definition. This is Kim Jongin, both too famous and too dense to write his own memoir. This is Kim Jongin, stumbling awkwardly back into love.

A taste of compulsion
author: changdictator
summary: By the second bite, just about everything tastes like pain.
side pairing: Suho/D.O

Arbitrage  ()
author: fumerie
summary: There are three tracks to Do Kyungsoo's life. Track A, trader at an investment bank. Track B, new recruit of a race crew called EXO. Track C... track C involves someone named Kai and a whole lot of bad decisions.

Challenge accepted 
author: dustfairy (words_of_dust)
summary: Jongin has a porn collection and his computer crashes. Kyungsoo is his go-to tech repair. Challenges are thrown and met. Jongin blames it all on Chanyeol.

author: days_with_day
summary: Kai’s thin boney fingers played with the porcelain crack pipe, twisting it and twirling it around until he inevitably dropped it.
WARNING: drug use

Damp (PG-13)   * 
authors: adorableprince (pt.1); sardothien (pt.2)
summary: Jongin really needs to learn to lock the bathroom when he showers.

author: days_with_day
summary: He wondered how far he could run before things disappeared. He wondered how far his feet would take him before he collapsed. He was left in this bubble of self doubt and this endless trepidation that he would no longer be the person that Kyungsoo had fallen in love with.

Make me submissive
author: sadatelcontar
summary: Kyungsoo knew he was weird.
WARNING: BDSM, spanking, gagging, rimming...

Number nine
author: blacknerdjade
summary: Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo / Put 'em together and what have you got / bippity-boppity-boo hands on crotches. A story of how longing leads to crazed despiration and a sad sad pitiful Jongin.

author: vaxylia
summary: Looks are not always what they seem, and when an oblivious Jongin is met with an unexpectedly powerful foe, a failed bet turns into a battle of wills - with both contenders determined to win.

  • Kai/Luhan
author: maayacola
summary: When Jongin and Lu Han are chosen to travel through China together for a TVN reality show, Jongin certainly isn’t expecting things to get so complicated.

And miles to go (before I sleep)
author: leadernim
summary: Jongin stands on the edge of the building, about to give into his dark desires, when he is saved by the reappearance of his childhood "imaginary" friend, Lu Han.

  • Kai/Sehun
Talking Kai
author: seisdemayo
summary: In which Kai is a talking Sim in Sehun's most loved, more than how much he loves his bestfriend, and trusted iPad.

Oh Sehun, awkward kid extraordinaire
author: astrou (pinkbit)
summary: “Okay, so in all honesty, it was more like I casually tripped over something invisible in the way and I landed—just out of coincidence, on his face.”

The illiterate barbarian and the flower boy
author: exoplanet_alien
summary: Jongin needs a wider vocabulary and Sehun can’t take his bullshit. Also, Luhan is an angry ex-boyfriend. Still, someone has to pay for the damage on Jongin’s car… right?
past pairing: HunHan

Kids with chemicals (drabble)
author: iliaccrests (dysanial)
summary: withdrawal isn't the worst thing that could happen. at least your dealer isn't kim jongin.
WARNING: slight dub-con,mentions of sex and drugs

author: flarglnomnom (written_in_kohl)
summary: Every seventh day is limbo.

The light of future memories
sequel: Teenage riot (NC-17)
sequel: Bendable, poseable (NC-17)
author: stupidrhapsody
summary: A series of remarkable days of Sehun's ordinary school life

You keep me up and down
author: exo_fanfic
summary: in which Jongin loves Sehun and Sehun is an idiot. Side fic of Let's wrap you around my finger(Chansoo)
side pairings: Hunhan, hinted!Chansoo, Kaixing

Hey Gorgeous
author: leadernim (seonbae)
summary: One day, SeKai wake up with tits and other things.  (femslash)

author: maayacola
summary: There’s Kai, and then there’s Jongin, and reality slips through Jongin’s fingers like sand as he dances under a single spotlight.

Love's not a competition (but I'm winning)
author: slowlynow (somecupid)
summary: Jongin’s messed around with most of his band members in one way or another but seeing Sehun do it is what throws him off his game.
side pairings: Kai/everyone

Pretty Boy
author: thewiseflower (sekaific)
summary: Kai and Sehun are asshole best friends and Kai enjoys calling Sehun "pretty boy," not that Sehun minds.

author: maayacola
summary: A part of Sehun has always belonged to the sea.

  • Kris/Chanyeol
Sugar and spice
author: chiharu (pisudori_play)
summary: In which Kris gets knocked up after That Time in Beijing, Chanyeol claws his face in distress, EXO-LUSH is formed, and Chen thinks Kris just got fat
WARNING: mpreg (but it's not what it seems :P)

All that you were intended to be
author: quirknblurb (justpeachyfics)
summary: A love story between Yifan of the past and Chanyeol of the future. Losely based on the movie 'The Lake House'

It's all in the timing
author: threewalls
summary: Privacy is hard to find in the dorms, so Kris "forgets" the present he's brought Chanyeol back from KCON in the minivan and takes Chanyeol down with him to collect it.

author: idolkiller
summary: Kris is an Olympic skier; Chanyeol's just on vacation.

author: leejaehwa7
summary: Chanyeol doesn’t want to be a girl, he just likes dressing like one.

Home is where the heart is and other clichés
author: (sncj_reversebb)
summary: He looks down to see a small blue umbrella shoved into his hand. Little penguins are printed along the polyester fabric and there’s a pink bear keychain hanging from the handle. By the time Wufan glances up again, the boy has already run outside. Wet hair plastered to his face and a ridiculously huge grin spread across his small face, he turns for a final wave before disappearing into the rain.

Laugh a little, it suits you
author: hotarumyst (ourhandsfroze)
summary: In which Chanyeol works at an amusement park, Kris is always smiling, and Baekhyun is an annoying little shit.

Mango, peaches and lime
author: grisclair (sncj_reversebb)
summary: He thought he might have seen a tall dark shadow in one of the windows, figure stark against the fire, but when he blinked again there was nothing there but fire and destruction.

Puzzle pieces
author: leadernim
summary: Chanyeol is a supermarket cashier when Wu Fan walks into his station with wasabi peanuts and walks out with his heart.

author: leadernim (seonbae)
summary: With the “trial of the century” in his lap, Defense Attorney Park Chanyeol already has a lot of things to handle. Sleeping with the prosecutor had (unfortunately) not been on his to-do list.

Dia and Yun
author: saitheisonfire
summary: In which Krisyeol finishes a marathon of FFXIII and Chanyeol wants to be Vanille for Halloween

Hands all over    
author: maayacola
summary: Wu Fan falls in love with the way Chanyeol’s spine curls up into his touch, and the way Chanyeol’s hair feels between his fingers. Chanyeol falls in love with all of that, too.

author: julyfix
summary: Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right? Wrong. Wufan is going to smear Chanyeol across the field and bask in the glory.

author: emmyxogast
summary: Kris goes to the usual club looking for his next conquest; what he stumbles upon is a boy far too pretty to be male, and more drama than he initially wanted. Prequel of Hushed (LayChen, PG-13)

Not just a one night stand (PWP)
author: Little_Owl
summary: Kris and Chanyeol had been chasing each other for weeks, teasing and torturing each other. To see who would finally make the first move.
But what happens when two dominant boys finally make it to the bedroom, and who will give in first?

Wicked Games (PWP)
author: stupidrhapsody
 Because Wu Fan is his first boyfriend, Chanyeol is still being the ridiculously timid, inexperienced kid when it comes to sex.

You couldn't get much closer
author: stupidrhapsody
 Totally inspired by Chanyeol in that Calvin Klein's gala outfit. Damn, are you a boy or a gull.

  • Kris/Chen
我的 ([You’re] Mine)   * 
author: (sncj_reversebb)
summary: 我的, he thinks to Jongdae in those fleeting moments, and the slight smile in Jongdae’s eyes as they meet Yifan’s tells him that he knows exactly what he’s thinking.

Like two pieces of a puzzle
author: kiwi_ism
summary: Kris and Chen like each other, but they're not dating.

author: zeerafuu (wingedgiraffe)
summary: Dépaysement - when someone is taken out of their own familiar world and placed into a new one

Leaderly bonding
author: julyfix
summary: Kris admires how hard Chen works to give a good image to his fans. He also admires his cheeks, his jaw, and his mouth. And maybe his narrow hips. And why won't Lay mind his own damn business?

Kris/Chen ft. Kris' curiosity
author: cakegege
summary: If someone like Zitao could take from behind without crying, then damn it, so could he.

Of handjobs, avocado masks, and Mandarin lessons
author: chens (sncj_reversebb)
summary: For the most part, Jongdae and Yifan’s relationship is very simple, with little to no complications and conversations kept to a couple words at most.

  • Kris/Lay
author: miss_aztec57 (foe_of_reality)
summary: Wu Fan and Yixing are awake long after the others have gone to sleep and their conversation drifts towards something which is a little too serious for the early hours of the morning.

Puppy love
author: miss_aztec57 (foe_of_reality)
summary: They've always lived just a few doors away from each other but they’ve never met. It takes a stray puppy on one miserable, rainy night for everything to begin.

Roses are red, violets are blue
author: miss_aztec57 (foe_of_reality)
summary: Yixing works at a shop that sells greeting cards. Wu Fan buys more cards in a week than he has in his entire life.

A small patch of heaven
author: mal_atesta
summary: Yixing falls in love too many times. Wu Fan doesn't fall enough.
NOTE: click '
next entry' at the top of the page for the second part

P.S. I still love you
author: mal_atesta
summary: Home is where the heart is

author: miss_aztec57 (foe_of_reality)
summary: On their fifth birthday, all children of the republic undergo the ECHO operation during which an earpiece is permanently attached to the inside of their ear. When Wu Fan begins to hear an unauthorised voice in the earpiece of his ECHO device, he can’t help but slowly fall in love with the person who calls himself Yixing.

Find a way home
author: mal_atesta
summary: In which Yixing is kind and Wu Fan suffers from constant, severe mental breakdowns because of it.
WARNING (highlight): character death

Glow-in-the-dark stars
author: leejaehwa7
summary: Yixing has a habit of counting the stars while he’s with Wufan.

Now I lay me down to sleep
author: (sncj_reversebb)
summary: When you wake up, you’re in a glass cylinder. You feel strange, like a stranger in your own body. You blink once, twice, look down at your hand. You grip the air to test out your fingers, the intricate joints clanking a little bit.

Paris is always a good idea (to live and love)
author: zeerafuu (sncj_reversebb)
summary: Sort of fashion world. Planning for Xiuhan’s wedding in Paris.
side pairing: Xiuhan

author: coley_merrin
summary: The perennial flower dies, or so it seems. But at its root, it lives. When the seasons change, the flower, the leaves, that come back are not the same. But somehow they are.

Placebo effect
author: miss_aztec57 (foe_of_reality)
summary: In a dystopic future, the line between human and replicant is drawn solely by the experience of emotion. Except, that is, if you know the right place to look. Wu Fan is a replicant hiding from the law, blending in to humanity by taking pills which stimulate emotion. And then he meets Yixing.
side pairing: Xiuhan (prequel)

author: leen_go
summary: Kris Wu is the lead detective on a case where his mysterious primary suspect has a background that Kris could never have guessed.

Sequined skirts
author: adorableprince
summary: Yixing had no idea being a sailor scout would be so itchy

author: exoaffinity (sonyeoncheonji)
summary: 'Because although I know that I'm no different from anyone else; the sky is a normal, bleak blue for me, my mind is not so candid with itself and cannot let that thought of being in a true love go. To the extent to where I assess every person I meet in Starbucks or at Wal Mart thinking that maybe my life was like a coffee shop story. You know, one of those stories where two strangers meet in the most urban of places like a grocery store or out on a street corner, and by the end of the know the rest. Of course you do.'

To where the rockets can't reach
author: kuroimiya / valanna
summary: Agent Kris Wu didn’t know love could turn someone into an entirely different person. Assigned a cold case, he met with Yixing, a suspect, and from there, his life started twisting out of control.

Asleep without your message
author: loudestoflove
summary: Yixing is content to float by, until he meets a certain photographer. Wu Fan is a little creepy. Yixing doesn't mind.

Breaking point
author: mal_atesta
summary: Sometimes holding on is more painful than letting go.
WARNING: self-harm,rape,abuse
side pairing: one sided!LuLay

Quick fix
author: bicheul
summary: Yixing finds himself partially awake at the crack of dawn due to the fact that something or someone just banged something into the outside wall of his apartment such an ungodly hour.

50 shades of sexual frustration
author: mal_atesta
summary: Wu Fan writes homoerotica inside his head while he attempts to win a stupid bet he made with his boyfriend Yixing during sex.

Compliment me (PWP)  * 
author: halcyondusk
summary: As the leader, Kris does appreciate that the other members are starting to talk more during interviews, but he doesn't appreciate it when Lay opens his mouth and consequently kills the cool image that he's built for himself. So, Kris thinks up ways to get Lay to compliment him—ways which involves bathrooms and getting on his knees.

Exactly where you'd like me
author: goopeculiar
summary: Yixing draws in a sharp breath. His tongue seems to stick to the dry roof of his mouth and his words come out thick when he says: "M-master, I... I did something bad." He slumps his shoulders when the other clicks his tongue disapprovingly.

Falling in love (is hard on the knees) 
author: equalises
summary: Yixing never liked routine, bars, or twinberry cheesecake. Right now, he just might. highschool!au, where Yixing is super dense, Yifan thinks stupidity is contagious, and Jongin is super sarcastic.
side pairings: Baekyeol, Hunhan, past!Taoris

Favors the bold  * 
author: maayacola
summary: Yixing is a mistery, and Wu Fan is a masochist.

For the love of romance
author: mal_atesta
summary: Wu Fan is many things and Yixing's soulmate might be one of them.

Let me keep your secrets
author: thatdayismine
summary: Wu Fan finds the rush to be a little dizzying, spreading Yixing out across his sheets like a patient.

author: senthe
They were both considered broken by society, cast out of social norms and left out of all 'normalcy' that life would otherwise have been. In each other's arms, they were made whole. But could what was broken ever become whole, or will there forever be cracks?
WARNINGS (highlight): attempted suicide, abuse, character death

The pros and cons of being a duizhang   * 
author: ForeverFlippingA
summary: Kris has exhausting, round-the-clock job and Yixing is his only source of peace and comfort.

The wonderfully miserable life of the young,horny and stupid

sequel: Blow me away
author: mal_atesta
summary: Wu Fan is dumb, Yixing is innocent, Jongin likes asses, Sehun is a queen bitch and Jongdae is the only remotely sane one in the group.
side pairing: SeKai

  • Kris/Luhan
Secret counterpart
author: leejaehwa7
summary: Luhan meets Wufan and falls in love instantly only to find out later that he’s being deceived by Wufan who is leading a second life.
minor pairings: fake!Kray, past!Xiuhan

Hymns upon your lips
prequel: Where the winds sigh (R)
author: leadernim
summary: Most of the things about Luhan both amuse and arouse him. It’s part of Luhan’s charm as a boy-faced sex enthusiast.

  • Kris/Tao
Sprinkled hearts
author: PurplePluto
summary: In which the candy shop "Candy Hearts: An Emporium of Sweets" hires their first employee. Spin-off of Candy hearts (Baekyeol)

Be Human (LOCKED)
author: leadernim
summary: Kris will never be human enough. Side fic of Absolute Chanyeol (Baekyeol)

The pros & cons of overthinking
author: elaytheunicorn
summary: In which Wufan is a Greek god and Zitao thinks with his dick.

Things to ask Yixing
author: teastallpanda
summary: In which Wu Fan is a chef with issues, Zi Tao steals cake, and Yixing is an annoying fuck.
side fic: Optimum temperature (SuLay, PG)

Everyone experiments in college (eventually NC-17)
author: heegdtop2min 
summary: Tao must rely on his crazy friends to help him get along with his new roommate, the only person in the world who doesn't know that Tao is gay (and really into him).
side pairing: HunHan
  • Lay/Luhan
A gold medal in douchebaggery
author: sweetshisus
summary: Yixing and Luhan are competitive rivals on the chinese olympic swimming team, constantly finding ways to undermine each other's accomplishments and throwing snarky comments at each other during practices. Finally, one day, the tension comes to a head. What happens next is a shock to both of them.

  • Sehun/Luhan
Buttoned up; 互扣
author: timeshaker
summary: Sehun is emotionally & verbally crippled. But yay, Lu Han is there to save our ship. On the sideline, Chanyeol harasses Yifan on a regular basis.
side pairing: Krisyeol

Take your dog for a walk (even if you don't have one)
author: timeshaker
summary: Lu Han dispenses touches like candy. And he’s so adorable. Sehun hates him. Definitely maybe.

By the time the bar closes
author: canttakeabreath (gulpsofoxygen)
summary: Lu Han works at the United Nations, Zitao steals office supplies, Wu Fan owns a feng shui gong, and Sehun is...Sehun.

Like a dream
author: hunhanie (unlonely_nights)
summary: The first time Sehun met Luhan? He was sitting quietly in his favorite bubbletea shop and then a stranger came to him, kissed him without hesitation – calling him “Yixing”. It all happened so fast, and he fell in love with Luhan just like that.

Chinese Boys Make Good Baristas
author: officiallykris (reckless_aiming)
summary: Sehun probably shouldn't be falling in love with pretty Chinese boys in local coffee shops. 

SeLu drabbles
author: sunbites
summary: 1. highschool cheerleader au / 2. domestic!au / 3. femslash au

The crying game
author: vamyreunnie
summary: The universe had a way of righting wrongs, of renewing balance.
WARNING: gender-bending/transexualism

author: shesimplysmiles
summary: The evolution of Chef Sehun. In which Lu Han has to deal with moody chefs, no one can catch a break in the kitchen or out, and EXO is a four star restaurant.

Dangling modifiers

author: thejoyluckclub
summary: Jongin drags Sehun to an overpriced art class, where he obviously finds a cute boy slash graphic design demi-god. Oh and probably lots of necessary cusses and unnecessary adjectives.

Sugar we're goin' down swinging
author: canttakeabreath (gulpsofoxygen)
summary: Sehun sells flowers and Lu Han reads way too much manga.

There is no dusk to be, there was no dawn that was
author: pillowfrost (runandgun)
summary: Lu Han lives in a teahouse and creates dreams for other people. Sehun visits him one day and becomes Lu Han’s dream instead. 

  • Suho/Kai
Summer Paradise
author: luster_stardust
summary: JoonMyun is forced to go in vacation and JongIn works on a beach.

author: coley_merrin
summary: Tsundere Kai with in-love Suho. Suho trying to leave Kai alone and seeing other people. Kai realising he must overcome his feelings.

author: hyperlydian
summary: Death is the sudden stop, the pull into the void, the slow disintegration of your life into dust and ashes. It is the inexplicable emptiness that leaves you suspended in a spiderweb — only there are no strands of silk. There is nothing.

Golden Boy
author: lovestrucksmile (sunflowercomplx)
summary: Golden boy Kim Jongin always pleases his camp counselors.

  • Suho/Lay
Optimum temperature
author: teastallpanda
summary: sequel of Things to ask Yixing (Taoris,PG-13)

Canadians have Four Loko
author: lababoreine
summary: Joonmyeon starches his collars thrice and Yixing has a gonad plushie.

  • Xiumin/Chen
Planetary suicide
author: SDelic
summary: This world is as far from ideal as can be.

  • Xiumin/Luhan
Little Baozi (drabble)
author: leejaehwa7
summary: Luhan finds a kitten and wants to keep it.

Penciled hearts
author: miss_aztec57 (foe_of_reality)
summary: In which Lu Han is perfect, Minseok is a bit of a stalker and Yixing is annoying.

Cataclysmic and confected
author: horrours (terrours)
summary: The Soho Grand Hotel is determined to ruin Xiumin's life, and Luhan is the incompetent desk clerk that attempts to fix this. D.O makes desserts at inappropriate times, Kris's stress ball does not actually relieve any stress, and Chanyeol is the bane of everyone's existence. Also, everything explodes.

Each new generation excels the last one
summary: Junmyeon concocts a spontaneous plan that results in Minseok (who has an affinity for the paranormal) traveling to China.

Every day lattes
author: drainbamage954 (sonyeoncheonji)
summary: Because sometimes the obvious is impossible to see when you're too wrapped up in details.

author: asisharada
summary: Minseok gets a crush and proceeds to be an embarrassment to mankind (and shoujo manga).

Play Boy
sequel: What you need (NC-17)
sequel: Under my skin (NC-17)
author: stupidrhapsody
 It all starts with a soccer ball knocking Lu Han's face a.k.a his most precious asset in the world.

Sometimes falling in love is as simple as saying hi
author: exo_fanfics
summary: Well, at first Luhan laughed at Kyungsoo because really, saying hi to your crush is easy, so easy, then he kind of got an obsession and karma got back at him and it wasn't funny anymore. 
minor pairing: Chansoo

There's always a reason  * 
author: deerbaozi
summary: In which Minseok's jealous and Luhan's insensitive.

Aurora Borealis
author: naozi
summary: Lu Han tells Minseok; "I'm going to die"

Go Wizzerk
author: iphisto
summary: Soccer brotp vague uni AU with a side-serving of ~*romance*~

author: k_omorebi
summary: Luhan finds himself mired in the past, holding onto memories to resist change.
WARNING (highlight): character death

author: miss_aztec57 (foe_of_reality)
summary: Lu Han exists to please – one of the replicant models of pleasure bought by high class businessmen with too much time on their hands and an obsession with sex. It takes another replicant called Minseok to show him that he can have something so much more than just an existence. Prequel of Placebo effect (Kray)
WARNING: mention of rape

author: apennyforseoul (sonyeoncheonji)
summary: Kim Minseok, a Music Composition major at SNU and writer for the student music entertainment magazine, Jjang!, has his predictable life turned upside-down when he meets the notorious Chinese Hallyu singing sensation, Lu Han; a new student to SNU attempting to clear his tainted image.

Unknown number
author: meanie_minnie
summary: Every day Xi Luhan waits for a call from unknown number. That is a phone call from someone trying to call home.

All my heart (LOCKED)
author: leadernim
summary: Luhan’s mouth is sweet and his hands are hot on Xiumin’s sides.

author: Charybdis
summary: Xiumin isn't sure when food became the enemy. He also isn't sure when he began to hate Lu Han. Lu Han isn't sure when the Minseok he fell in love with became Xiumin. He also isn't sure why Xiumin hates him.
WARNINGS: eating disorder, self harm, mention of suicide

  • OT3
author: minwhore /limitless_sea
summary: Byun Baekhyun was just expecting a summer fling. He ended up getting something more.

Careful hands
author: zitaos
summary: Our hands beg us to be creatures of habit

author: inksplotch
summary: Chanyeol wants to fuck the maknaes. The end.

Us and You
author: hinapoo
summary: [because Ivy Club ruins everyone's life]


The bright side
author: kiwi-ism
summary: Jongin doesn't know what it means to be normal and he doesn't think he ever will

Let's get a little fucked up
author: leadernim
summary: A collection of moments in the lives of three people who love others more than they love themselves.
minor/past pairings: Suho/Luhan, Kai/D.O, Kai/Suho

Convince me
author: coley_merrin
summary: A Kris Chanyeol Baekhyun threesome where Baekhyun's their friend who is reluctant to admit that gay sex can ever feel good (and that he may be attracted to both of them), so Kris and Chanyeol are set to make him see otherwise.

author: bicheul
summary: “We were drinking together and talking about our fantasies,” Chanyeol says.

The trap and orbit of you
author: madelyn93 (paper_scribbles)
summary: Behind Jongin, Luhan slides his hand across Wufan's lower back and pats him twice with approval

Can I catch your eye, sir (can I be your type)?
author: zitaos
summary: In which Lu Han is a terrible stripper, Jongdae makes mediocre drinks, Jongin's sexy fireman routine is a hit, Sehun should probably be in diapers, Zitao's more interested in Jongin than being a bouncer, and Yixing's ass is totally not as hot as Lu Han's.

Ruined and defeated
author: adorableprince
summary: Luhan and Yixing are out to ruin Kris' life.

The Devil comes in pair
author: pseudo_shigure (sonyeoncheonji)
summary: Kris is a high school teacher, Yixing and Luhan are his students. These two are known to be such angels. Just not when they're together.

Balance Is A Minor Setback {drabble}
author: sendandreceive
summary: Wufan never thought watching two people kiss could be like this.

author: kailu_taoris
summary: Sometimes all it takes it a few words to completely change someone's perception of themself. Whether this is for better or for worse... Wufan can't decide.

Made in the shape of each other
author: windowright
summary: And made to enter the water together  (olympic synchro diving AU)

ファッカーズ (Fuckers)
author: x_calliope_x
summary: Yixing deals with his horny roommates by ignoring them. Too bad they don't like being ignored. Fucking isn't the answer to everything, despite what Luhan and Yifan think. Yixing also swears a lot.
side pairings: Krishan, SuLay

Samgyeopsal and soju
author: anon (seoulfulness)
summary: Kris/Lay/Luhan threesome (with Luhan getting jealous over too many Kray action lately)

The Marilyn Monroe Problem
author: halcyondusk
summary: Yixing and Lu Han were doing fine together—but then a storm by the name of Wu Fan hits them, and Yixing's not sure how to react.

You can't have peace without war, for everyone
author: thatdayismine (runandgun)
summary: Yixing feels as though he’s being split into two, blunt blade digging between his shoulder blades, attempting to cut straight through his spine. one lung for each of them, an arm and a leg, but he wonders who’ll end up with his heart.

author: anon
summary: "Have you ever watched Charlie's Angels?"
NOTE: genderbent

Take the pressure
author: maayacola
summary: "we could make things a little louder"

Honey, we don't fall in love
author: chaltyr
summary: model!au-ish where it's the morning after Sehun and Kai bring Kyungsoo home after a post-show party.

untitled drabble
author: goopeculiar
summary: Sekai run into cute little bartender Kyungsoo and want to corrupt his innocence.

Get Off
author: superukechan
summary: Kris and Tao keep having sex while Luhan is still in the room, which makes him really horny. He calls Sehun, who is just about to spend the night with Jongin.
minor/side pairings: Taoris, Hunhan, SeKai

Get Off Easy
author: officiallykris (reckless_aiming)
summary: In which Jongin sleeps around and Sehun responds to this in a slightly unconventional way.

Post Blue
author: fumerie
summary: In which Kai, Sehun, and Lu Han are models, and they fall in love somewhere between airport codes and runway backstage (or not).

Rip out the wings of a butterfly
author: illegiblesigns
summary: Terrible things happen to good people everyday. However, Jongin is not one of the good people. He’s one of the terrible things.

  • misc
And the history books forgot about us
author: carvone
summary: EXO's last concert.

Bedtime (drabble, Kris centric)
author: leadernim (seonbae)
summary: Pokemon!AU. On the night before Kris was to meet with Chanyeol to begin their trek through the Sinnoh region, Dratini decided to be difficult. sequel (?): Meeting

author: stupidrhapsody
pairings: various (Suho/D.O family + kids)
summary: There's a handsome and greasy appa, a very caring umma, a mature twelve year old, a beautiful second oldest son, the twin, plus three chinese tourists with two five year olds and finally an ice cream man.

How to become Tumblr famous
author: chens
Yixing finally makes a tumblr account and Jongin, Luhan, Tao, and Minseok give him tips on how to be famous.

I don't want to get over (you don't even remember) us (GEN)
author: windowright
summary: For Junmyeon, forgetting is the hardest part.

Identity (GEN)
author: fondue
summary: Kyungsoo is really pushing the umma role on TV, but some of the boys can't warm up to the idea.

Material girl
author: black_goose (inkin_brushes)
pairings: SuChen, SeKai, Xiuhan, Baekyeol, Taoris
summary: For most of his life, Lu Han had belonged to a certain subgroup of society, which Minseok referred to as “the extremely well-off” and which Sehun called “a bunch of rich fucks being twits”. Alternative summary: EXO are rich fucks, Baekhyun and Zitao are gossips, and Yixing's life is way more interesting than anyone gives a shit about. 

Hate us because we're beautiful
author: sunbites
pairings: various
summary: When you're in highschool, every little thing feels like the end of the world.

In the gaps between the fireflies
side fic: Diffraction,and the reasons we bend but never break (Baekyeol)
author: portaldice (cointossed)
pairings: SuKai, Baekyeol, Xiuhan
summary: The world rises from its end in bright, gentle ways, and Joonmyun and Jongin aren’t at the center of it all, but they’re close enough to be surrounded by the lights.

Person interested in mandarin porn (P.I.M.P.)
author: superoppar
summary: In the first of a series of porny adventures, Sehun is accidentally pulled into the world of qipao porn.
NOTE: the author mentions future parts but the journal has been long forgotten since april,so I doubt it'll ever be updated unless there're links I'm unaware of somewhere else.

The 12th floor of apartment E
pairings: Kaisoo, Xiuhan, Taoris, Baekyeol
summary: twelve people on the twelfth floor :L
NOTE: prologue+9 chapters/drabbles (so far?)

Would you like some Korean in you?
sequel: If I could rearrange the alphabet,I'd put "U" and "I" together
author: rainoftardrops
pairings: Hunhan,Taoris,Baekyeol
summary: Facebook chat, crack!fic

48 hours
author: 辛辛息息
pairings: various (main: Kray)
summary: After 48 hours, only one boy will be alive in this house.
alt. translation (w.i.p.): here

Dream House
author: lunathunderhead (19_blue_roses)
pairings: Krisyeol, SuChen, LuKai
summary: Come out, come out, whatever you are...

Have you all night,vodka straight
author: itachibana13 (semecomplex)
pairings: various

Ivory lust
 [AFF link]
author: x_calliope_x
pairings: Kai/everyone, Baekyeol, Hunhan, Kaisoo
summary: Jongin is a piano prodigy who lives off each performance. Five sexual encounters change that.

(all I wanna see you in is just) Skin
pairings: Kai/everyone
summary: Everyone bangs Kai. At one point or other. No really.

A bicycle isn't just for riding (because sometimes, it rides you too) (PWP)
author: halcyondusk
pairings: Luhan/everyone
summary: Lu Han fucks everyone in EXO because he is the bicycle.
WARNING: kinks (highlight):bondage, breathplay, bloodplay, knifeplay, fireplay, feet worship, S&M

Insert Tab A into slot B and get sucked
author: kayevelyn (sadatelcontar)
pairing: Kai/everyone (Kai centered)
summary: There is a glory hole. There is Kai.

The Jelly-Bracelet Quandary
author: x_calliope_x
pairings: various (main: Hunhan,Kaisoo,SuLay,Baekyeol,Taoris,Xiuchen)
summary: Suho and Kris are the epitome of responsibility. Usually. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for their libidinous workers. Team-building exercises have suddenly taken on a whole new meaning.

  • series
All I ask of you trilogy
author: ai_chan1399
pairings: Baekyeol, Taoris, broken!Hunhan (+Krisyeol, past!Xiuhan)
summary: In which they love and they lose, and misery loves company. Apartment!au, as Luhan, Zitao, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo discover each other and form a little club out of their messed-up love lives.
WARNING: mention of domestic abuse
  Tonight is a fairytale (Baekyeol, Krisyeol,Taoris)
  Carry me home (Taoris)
  ...And I can't stop falling (Hunhan)

high school!AU
author: madelyn93 (paper_scribbles)
pairings: SuKai, KrisHan + minor KaiLu
summary: Joonmyeon is the head prefect and dorm leader at EXO High. Jongin is a boy with many complaints.
  The hard life of Kim Joonmyeon (G,drabble)
  You set me on fire,baby (KaiLu, KrisHan)
  Personal boundaries do not exist when you're Kim Jongin
  Love is but an auction of the heart (SuKai)
  Epilogue (PG,drabble)
  Let's get s-naked (KrisHan)

models&music AU
author: drainbamage954 (sonyeoncheonji)
summary: When Kris and Chanyeol's friends and fellows decide that they need to improve their personal lives, the two get signed up for speed dating.  It just, well, doesn't go exactly as planned.
Speed dating (Krisyeol)
Model citizens (Kaixing)
Complicated (Tao/Chen)
Problematic emotions (Hunhan)
Epilogue (Suho/Baekhyun)

university basketball!AU
author: elaineleyn
summary: Kris and Chanyeol are rival basketball players from two rival universities. Outside the court though, is of a different story. 
One on one (Krisyeol)
Eyes Wide Shut (Suho/D.O)
So they say (ChenBaek)

Untouchable series[x]
author: kiwi_ism
pairings: various
summary: Chanyeol is convinced that a relationship will never work for him, but Baekhyun insists.
  Untouchable (Baekyeol)
  Teacher's pet (Hunhan)
  Kicked to the curb (Suho/D.O/Kai)
  The house on the outskirts (Xiuchen)
  Angel of mine (Krisyeol)
  The healer (Kray)
  Instincts (Baekyeol)
  Orphan (SuKai)
  A truce (Tao/Kris/Lay)
  Control (Baekyeol)

Marked for life trilogy [x]
author: lettherbeminho
pairings: Taoris, Sekai
 The creative war between two rival tattoo artists that Xiumin and Luhan thought they were bringing to an end is only just beginning... and all the faith that they put into one underdog artist will be put to the test.
  Marked for life
  A masterpiece ruined
  Erasing what is permanent

Six OTPs pr0n
Six OTPs pr0n...the second instalment
Six OTPs pr0n...the final
author: stupidrhapsody
pairings: SeKai, Lay/Chen, Xiuhan, Suho/D.O, BaekTao, Krisyeol
summary: All set in one night, everything happens at the same time, different techniques 


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