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2012-09-24 04:25 pm
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EXO fics rec list

I compiled the following list with most of the links I saved on my delicious account (I'm not that great at rec-ing,mkay),but I'm seriously considering thinning out this list to leave the fics I really like.
I've been debating how to organize it, should I go by pairing,rating,AU,genre? I eventually settled for sorting by pairing,listing the fics by rating [even though I disagree with some of the ratings they put,like some M fics that aren't M at all *judging you*...or maybe I'm just unfazed? Oh well,I'm still c/p what's in the fic headers -when it's stated *sob*] and alphabetically.

How come the majority of the fics I like are set in a school/college AU and/or are NC-17 OTL

* = set in canon (sort of)
= favorites, for reasons unbeknownst even to me (they may or may not be NC17 *cough*)
= extra like
! = lolz
 = horror
striked = deleted story or journal -but still hoping to find alternate links)

asdfghjkl the html is driving me insane

Baekyeol  |  BaeKai  |  Chansoo  |  ChanKai  |  Chanhun  |  Kaisoo
LuKai  |  SeKai  |  Krisyeol  |  Chenris  |  Kray  |  Krishan
Taoris  |  Layhan  |  Hunhan  |  SuKai  |  SuLay  |  XiuChen
Xiuhan  |  OT3s  |  misc  |  series

Baekhyun/Chanyeol )
Baekhyun/Kai )
Chanyeol/D.O )
Chanyeol/Kai )
Chanyeol/Sehun )
Kai/D.O )
Kai/Luhan )
Kai/Sehun )
Kris/Chanyeol )
Kris/Chen )
Kris/Lay )
Kris/Luhan )
Kris/Tao )
Lay/Luhan )
Sehun/Luhan )
Suho/Kai )
Suho/Lay )
Xiumin/Chen )
Xiumin/Luhan )
OT3 )
misc )
series ) 
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2012-09-24 04:30 pm
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measly Super Junior fics rec list

I actually started a bigger rec list that ended being 99,9% of EXO fics, so I'm moving the few SuJu fics I bookmarked in this other post. I know I read more,but backtracking the browser history has proved fruitless, especially since I changed computer, so they're lost somewhere ㅠㅠ

 = favorite
 = horror

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