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Since I've fallen in the B.A.P trap,I started reading fics about them as well,orz.
I suck at rec-ing so here is a list of what I've read/liked so far and saved on my delicious. Once again, they're sorted alphabetically, by pairing and then by rating (that might be wrong,mostly for the fics from AFF).

  • Daehyun/Jongup
Fighting for felines
author: chiharu (pisudori_play)
summary: Daehyun works at a cat café and bullies Jongup into repaying his debt with human labor.

Beautiful Target
summary: Moon Jongup’s entire existence is not fair. Not one bit.

Pins and post-its

author: hae_ki
summary: In a small cafe, within a large, busy, and bustling city, Yongguk tells of a story of how something trivial became something important. How something tacky became a trend and had still continued. And basically, how it all began.

  • Daehyun/Youngjae
Inception for idiots
author: haneyon
summary: The internet never told Yoo Youngjae that getting too close to Daehyun would result in shared dreams. He can't say he regrets finding out though.

The unassailable logic of love
author: roebling
summary: Yoo Youngjae loves being part of B.A.P. He loves music and he loves the other guys and he's quitting anyway. It's all Jung Daehyun's fault. A College AU.

You owe me
author: kiwi-ism
summary: Youngjae could use a model to spice up his portfolio and Daehyun owes him one.

Sometime around midnight
+drabbles series
author: makeminelime
summary: Daehyun leaves for Busan to visit family and two of the most important boys in his life are missing him.

Tongue-tied and overloaded
author: kalopsia
summary: Daehyun is lead singer of five member indie band B.A.P. Youngjae is a member of nugu rookie group 3J Project. Bad decisions are made in between bouts of first world poverty.

author: akaixian
summary: Daehyun wonders if nothing can be taken away from someone, if nothing can be taken away from someone and everything be shoved into their clenched, unwilling hands. He doesn’t want them to, but the hot, acidic tears are spilling over his eyelashes and onto his cheeks. Exhaust fumes are bitter down his throat.

In Style

author: candybow
summary: Of fashion, perverted co-workers and the enemy Jung Daehyun.

  • Himchan/Jongup

Surprise {drabble}
author: naruto10rox
summary: Himchan has a little surprise for Jongup at school.

In Orbit
author: JojoKim
summary: Everyone knew Himchan and Jongup were sweet on each other. The only people who didn't know were the two in question. What would it take to finally make them see the truth? - In which Daehyun and Youngjae are trolls and Himchan thinks he is a pedobear.

Murderous intentions
author: ZeldaCraze
summary: “This is a scare-tactic, kids. We want to give you a tour of the prison so you can know where you don’t want to end up in the future.Okay?”
side pairing: BangLo (sequel)

author: CinniP
summary: Business man, Kim Himchan has a lot on on his mind; he doens't need to think about the cute barista who feeds his four-a-day coffee addiction. Highschool drop-out, Moon Jongup has trouble keeping much on his mind; with the exception of the charming well-dressed man whom he sees four times a day on the dot.

  • Jongup/Zelo

The shortcomings of being Moon Jongup
author: ivoryroyale
summary: Sometimes Jongup forgets Junhong isn't bulletproof.


author: haneyon
summary: So there's this bet open on who can steal Zelo's first kiss but Zelo's pretty sure he doesn't want any part of it, which is a problem. Though one with a surprisingly simple solution, in true Jongupian style.

  • Yongguk/Daehyun

The Healing Power of Alcohol
author: LittleDisAwesome
summary: Daehyun has a drinking problem - at least according to Youngjae - and Yongguk is more than willing to be his sponsor if he would agree to participate in his own rehabilitation.

09 get wet
author: kiwi-ism
summary: Yongguk doesn't understand why girls gross him out but he doesn't like it.

  • Yongguk/Himchan

Community service
author: kiwi-ism
summary: Himchan meets Yongguk while sentenced to community service and loses to him hard.

Come a little undone,get a little reckless
author: loudestoflove
summary: Brutal hangover? Check. Toothbrush in the toilet? Check. Lipstick on his face? Check. What the hell happened last night? And why is Jongup sleeping on the floor?

author: habamut
summary: The were friends.
minor pairing: HimDae

Just the way you are
author: leadernim
summary: College!AU: Kim Himchan has the hots for his roommate.

The arrangement
author: tcaramel
summary: It wasn't absolutely perfect, but they found that each other was exactly what they needed. They just had to learn how to love each other along the way.

  • Yongguk/Jongup

Precious smiles
author: aideekay
summary: It's Jongup's birthday, and Himchan wants nothing more but to give Jongup something to make him smile. So to bring back that precious smile that his younger brother had long last lost, Himchan decides to ask for a special favor.

author: littlecolossus
summary: Yongguk has a secret admirer.

  • Yongguk/Youngjae

Demon's run
author: kiwi-ism
summary:Daehyun somehow convinces Youngjae to play with a ouija board where he encounters a demon, or as Daehyun calls them a dæmon

  • Yongguk/Zelo

author: ZeldaCraze
summary: "I trust you because you're a soldier. Soldiers are disciplined and very trustworthy."
prequel: Murderous intentions [HimUp]

  • Youngjae/Zelo

Crash (or lack thereof)
author: ivoryroyale
summary: For something that's supposed to be completely disastrous, Youngjae thinks he comes out relatively unscathed. Sort of.

  • misc

Crash into your world  (GEN)
author: chiharu (pisudory_play)
summary: This Christmas B.A.P is paying EXO a visit.

Moon Jongup and the MJ party (B.Y.O.B.)   (GEN)
author: chiharu (pisudory_play)
summary: Himchan throws Jongup a party for his birthday and underestimates the number of people who shows up as Michael Jackson. College!AU.

Safe Haven
author: LittleDisAwesome
pairings: BangHim, JongLo
summary: Himchan and Yongguk have been raising Jongup for a couple of years despite the struggles it has caused them. When Jongup finds a new boy that needs a home the couple has to make even more sacrifices.

sequel: Just breaking the mold
author: haneyon
OT3: Zelo/Himchan/Yongguk
summary: He practices things he enjoys and wants to be better at. Rap. Dance. Skateboarding. Makeup too

  • series
Let's make a deal [DaeUp]
Breathe [YoungLo]
A devil's whisper [BangHim]
author: kiwi-ism
summary: All Jongup wants is for Daehyun to notice him and if it means trading his roommate to the Devil he'll take it.


The other
sequel: The (other) one
deleted scenes [HimUp]
author: habamut
pairings: BangHim,HimUp; past!Himchan/Suho, one sided!Himchan/Daehyun
summary: A walk down memory lane

Under the water
Call me maybe
Somebody that I used to know
author: Nitewalker314
pairings: BangHim; BangDae,HimUp
summary: No matter what Himchan seemed to do, something he did upset Yongguk. Himchan was trying to be a good boy, really he was. But...he failed every time.
WARNING: physical abuse

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