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❆ADVENT 2014


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TUMBLR #1, #2 (mainly EXO)



APOLOGIES FOR SCREWED UP HTML AND SUCH, I'M STILL WORKING ON FIXING THEM (i just crosspost to lj through dw so this one isn't my main concern)


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Title: Catwalk
Pairing: Kai/D.O
Rating: R (but the scene is so brief, this first part is mostly PG13)
WC: 2890
Summary: It’s Seoul Fashion Week, and some students from the Mugunghwa Fashion School have the chance to be an additional help backstage for a number of designers of varying degrees of fame.
A/N: this fic has been gathering dust in my docs for so long (since my bandom days), I'm sick of seeing it around. The rated half is still in the works, but I wanted to finally publish a part of it -- dunno yet if I'll edit the second part in or post them separately.

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Title: Advent 2015
Fandoms: (in this part) Super Junior,EXO,f(x),GOT7...
Pairings: Donghae/Henry, Sehun/Chen, Amber/Victoria, JB/Jackson...
Rating: overall PG13
A/N: so,i'm hella late with posting. I couldn't write anything the second week of december, and i'm now hurriedly catching up but changing idea everytime i reread were i left off with the handful of drabbles i did start, rewriting them from scratch ^^;;


7. sketchy video titles || donghae/henry || (maybe AU) || ~500w )

8. destination: hell || sehun/chen || Hell!AU || ~600w )

9. thief || amber/victoria || thieves!AU || ~300w )

10. gradeschool crush || jb/jackson || kids!AU || ~600w )

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Title: Advent 2015
Fandoms: EXO,BAP,Red Velvet,BTS,Super Junior,GOT7,f(x),SHINee,2PM,SNSD
(various pairings, a couple of former members are included)
Rating: overall PG13
Summary: various drabbles, not necessarily all christmas-y but written through December
A/N: this is a challenge in a challenge for me: finally go out of my comfort EXO zone and branch out in other fandoms, while trying to write for the whole month. Prompts are taken from various generators, choosing pairings and/or prompts that ~inspired~ me the most, and I used a randomizer for the final order.

I'll (hopefully) post daily on AFF and AO3, but only once a week on LJ and DW because I'm pretty sure the drabbles will be too short to deserve a post each XD

Since I missed so many days I'm going to post more randomly. I replaced the days with pairings in the line under the logos so you can still see which ones i completed.





















j-hope/rap monster











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Title: Maybe it’s true (I’m caught up on you)
Main pairing: Chanyeol/girl!Baekhyun
Side pairings: (in this chapter) blink-and-you-miss-them KaiSoo, SuTao, Xiuhun, past Krisbaek
[genderbent characters: Baekri (Baekhyun), Junghwa (Jongdae), Sera (Sehun), Taozi (Tao)]
Rating: PG13
WC: ~4700
Summary: Small world & Bottoms up
A/N: for author notes and some more or less important info, please check the masterpost first

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Title: Maybe it’s true (I’m caught up on you)
Main pairing: Chanyeol/girl!Baekhyun
Side pairings: (in this chapter) blink-and-you-miss-them KaiSoo and SuTao
[genderbent characters: Baekri (Baekhyun), Junghwa (Jongdae), Sera (Sehun), Taozi (Tao)]
Rating: PG13
WC: ~4800
Summary: Introducing players & First impressions
A/N: for author notes and some more or less important info, please check the masterpost first

AFF || AO3 || LJ

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Title: Maybe it’s true (I’m caught up on you)
Main pairing: Chanyeol/girl!Baekhyun
Side pairings: [tba]
[genderbent characters: Baekri (Baekhyun), Junghwa (Jongdae), Sera (Sehun), Taozi (Tao)]
Rating: mostly PG13, some future scenes might be NC17
WARNING: all 12 members of EXO are present, one way or another -- former members’ characters are either just mentioned in passing or have little lines
Genre: meet-cute, humor (hopefully)
Summary: If asked, Baekri would tell you that the most memorable event of her life was winning a contest dedicated to her favorite girl group and spending a day with them. In reality, she'd put it on the same level as her first meeting with her boyfriend, Chanyeol: it's just convenient that it happened on the same day.  [exopromptmeme]
A/N: this fic is nowhere near done, but I wanted to post what I have so far. I really liked your prompt, OP, so i hope i did it enough justice! Unbetaed as always, edited as best as I could, fingers crossed the mistakes i didn’t notice aren’t too jarring ^^;;

AO3 || AFF || LJ

This is a dump post for author notes, visual aids, and some more or less important details to know beforehand~
(will add as i go...)

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Title: One night at Freddy's
Focus: Luhan and Kyungsoo (OT12)
Rating: PG13
WC: 2587
WARNING: Luhan,Kris and Tao: horror elements; [highlight] character death
Summary: [AU] a group of bored youths, too old to go trick or treating, decided to challenge each other to a bravery test in an abandoned pizzeria, its current run-down and gloomy appearance so far from its colorful and lively past.
A/N: in case you’re unfamiliar with the game, here’s the map with my wonderful Paint edits, since in the official map the entrance doesn’t appear o.O

AO3 || AFF || DW

One night at Freddy's )
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Title: untitled
Pairing: D.O/Sehun/Kai
Rating: R
WC: 1054
WARNING/kink: brief footjob,vague humiliation/exhibitionism (...i guess?)
Summary: Kyungsoo is rubbing off a little crust from the corner of his eyes when one of Sehun’s long legs bumps into his.

AO3 || AFF || DW

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Title: The children upstairs
Focus: Chen (OT9 in the background)
Rating: PG13
WC: 1604
WARNING: mention of homicide
Summary: Home alone after an injury, Jongdae decides to be a good neighbor and offer his leftover pizza to the family upstairs.
A/N: typing this up past midnight hasn't been my smartest decision,lol. Based on this creepypasta.

AO3 || AFF || DW

The children upstairs )
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Title: Sowing the seeds of love
Pairing: Chenxing (hinted Kai x ...?)
WC: 1712
Rating: G
Summary: Jongdae owns a little but quite successful flower shop, Yixing likes to make flower compositions (and Jongin wastes too many bouquets).
A/N: after posting pretty consistently all through April the muse left me, even to simply conclude some almost done WIPs. To try to get the gears to work again I'm posting another revamped fic, that I'm planning to develop in an AU (that was the original plan even way back when, but it ended in nothing :/ ). Titled after a Tears For Fears song.

Sowing the seeds of love )
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Title: My drug is you
Pairing: Baeksoo
WC: 755
Rating: PG
Summary: What the nurse didn’t prepare Kyungsoo for, was how high and utterly ridiculous Baekhyun would be.
A/N: sorry for the disgustingly cheesy title,lol. The drabble is based on the infamous video of the guy still high after surgery complimenting his wife.

AO3 || AFF || DW

My drug is you )
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Title: Fix your broken eyes on me
Pairing: SeXing + side BaekSoo
Rating: R
WC: 2832
Summary: It was a boring Sunday and Sehun felt neglected by Yixing in favor of the computer. Sehun has a plan to get Yixing's attention.
A/N: i hate sundays .__. that's how i found myself rearranging this fic of mine set on a sunday XD I should be finishing another fic but i'm stuck ;; Title from "Broadcast Quality" by The Receiving End of Sirens

AO3 || AFF || DW

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